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If you're still interested in software rasterization here are a couple of documents on making them run faster.

An idea for representing a texture with a different memory layout to accelerate texture mapping. This is even more relevant today as processor speed continues to outpace memory speed. I didn't mention it at the time but the method applies to any problem domain where memory accesses are clustered in more than one dimension. Faster Texture Mapping

How to light all three color channels with just one multiply (without MMX.) It was an interesting idea but Moore's Law has rendered it largely irrelevant today. Faster RGB Lighting

My old 386 Qlife (quick life) simulator. Not very useful today as there are several excellent and fast life simulators available. qlife.zip

Some ideas for making an even faster life simulator. Back To Life

Quantum, a general purpose compressor that I licensed to Microsoft, Borland and Novell. It became the basis of LZX compression (for the CAB files). It was an excellent compressor in its day and contained some interesting ideas but it has been greatly surpassed since then. Here is the original distribution. quantum.zip

Savant, aka LanWords, a configurable word game for Windows. It's still fun to play. I was proud of the speed of the word-search engine. savant.zip

Greco, a chess program and one of my first commercial games. I took it to the 1986 ACM Computer Chess Championship and got my head handed back to me. Greco lost every game. It was still a wonderful experience and a lot of fun. greco.zip

Go-Moku, the familiar game of five-in-a-row. Equally outdated but I was proud of the primitive CGA graphics GUI I made for it. Be sure to crank up the skill level if you're going to play it. gomoku.zip

A simple anagram and crossword finder with source in 8086 assembler. It has an 18,300 word dictionary and the whole executable file (including dictionary) is only 40 kilobytes. It was something of a lark just to see how small I could make it. anagram.zip

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