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  1. News

    Inside Bikes
    The Kneeslider
    Hell For Leather
    Web Bike World
    Cycle World
    Raptors & Rockets
    SuperBike Magazine
    Motorcycle Daily
    MCN - Motorcycle News
    Sport Rider
    Cycle News Online
    One Wheel Drive
    Mike Werner's web log
    Sameer Kumar - Faster and Faster
    Motorcycle USA
    Superbike Planet
    Cycle Posers

  2. Riders' travel journals and blogs

    Sheldon Abut
    Motorcyclist At Large (India)
    Doug DeBe - Doug's Motorcycle Diary
    Sharon Hicks-Bartlett - Sojourner's Moto Tales
    Linda Bootherstone-Bick - 'Round the world on a Suzuki DR650E
    David Unkovich
    Salvador Carlucci - A Journey For Healthcare Access
    Sameer Kumar - Faster and Faster
    Robert Prom - BarryBBQ
    Zach Bragin - Zach's Bike
    Anna Cody - Baha 1000
    Vicky Gray - Motoress
    Larry and Clara Toby - Life Father Like Daughter Tour
    Mark and Daisy Bell - Bells Angels - Mark and Daisy's Trans Americas Motorcycle Ride
    Henriette - travelluna
    Gary Smith - Burro Has Three Wheels, Portland, Oregon to Tierra del Fuego, Argentina via Ural
    Federico Minoli - Desmo Blog
    Mark Sampson - Big Dog Adventures
    Robb McElroy - A Traveler's Tale
    Ron and Meredith Daniel
    Rachael Kim - Fuzzy Galore
    Dusty Davis - A Long Ride
    Dylan Weiss - Twisting Asphalt
    Carolyn Boyce - BluepoofBikes Motorcycle Adventures
    Simon & Lisa Thomas - 2ridetheworld
    Garth & Sandra Cooper - Cooper Family Motorcycle Expeditions
    David Emmett - Kropotkin Thinks
    Shirl Kennedy - Uncaged Librarian
    Elena Filatova - KiddOfSpeed
    Craig Willson - Humblebub - A Russian Passion
    James Marshall - Zundapp Fool
    John Boettcher - Road Kill!
    Colleen First - DantesDame
    Jamon Dahlberg - Black Rhubarb
    Brad Houghton - One World, Two Wheels
    Mike Jacobs
    Lois Pryce - Lois on the Loose
    Maarten Munnik - Maarten's World
    Michael Padway - Motorcycle Attorney, Wheels of Justice
    Scott Whitney & Duane McDowell - Hog Wild Racing: A sidecar in the Dakar Rally
    Kevin Basso - Trail Scout: Riding the TransAm trail
    Paul Randall
    Pete 'n Dave On The Road
    Noémi Doudna
    David DeMartini - Northernmost Exposure
    Allan Karl - Round-The-World Journey
    Greg Frazier & Donna-Rae Polk - Ultimate Globe Ride
    Emilio Scotto
    Sjaak Lucassen - Around the world on an R1
    Dave and Sharon Thompson
    John Wilkens - New Road Home
    Merv and Ruth Homer - Round the World Adventure
    Ewan McGregor & Charley Boorman - Long Way Round
    Mullie and Nobilé - Crossing Africa on a Ural sidecar
    Norm Smith - Globeriders 2004 (Shanghai to Munich)
    Shaun Munro, Henning Lorenz, Matthew Glitman and Ilja Erche - The F650 Chronicles
    Frederic Journoud - Geodysseo
    Joy Siddhanta & Sanjeev Monga - Ride Now
    Chris Jones & Spice Griffith - RTW101
    Alec Simpson - Baikal or Bust!
    Ed Whitehead - Ed's Travel Stories
    Ian Chappel - Adventures on Two Wheels
    Ted Simon - Jupitalia (Jupiter's Travels)
    Monika and Simon - Spirits of Adventure
    Cliff and Jenny - Two Wheel Trekkers
    Michael Moran - Five days in Italy
    Chris Addison - 15 months across Europe, Asia, Africa & the Middle East
    Kevin & Julia Sanders - Breaking the world record for transglobal motorcycling
    Whizmo & Gizmo
    Carla King - Motorcycle Misadventures
    Bente Bråthen & Dag Jenssen - Rocinante's Travels
    Glen Heggstad - Striking Viking
    Daniel Todd
    Peter & Kay Forwood
    Hiroyuki Nagahara - Northern Walkers
    Simon Milward - Millenium Motorcycle Ride
    Anke & Jan
    Peter "Voyager"
    Ron's Motorcycle Touring Page
    World Tour of Arto Rasimus, "El Viaje"
    Jürgen Homann
    Erin & Chris Ratay - Ultimate Journey
    Chris Bright
    Frank Campbell
    Bruce Clark
    Heather Ellis
    Kyril Dambuleff
    Gonzalo Figueroa and Nina Maria Eidheim
    Dr. Gregory Frazier
    Ron Grant
    Julia Graul & Walter Müller
    Helge Pedersen
    Mike Paull
    Peter L. Petersen
    Dr. Claus Possberg
    Benka Pulko - 1 Woman 1 Motorcycle 1 World
    Robert Runyard
    Jeanette Sabus
    Jon Saltzman
    Jim Seavey and Verna Norris
    Tom Smith
    Mariola Cichon - Ride Of The Heart
    John "Pluto" Hyland
    David McGonigal
    Arold Reinders - Africa Adventure
    Walter Colebatch and James Mudie
    Christian Vandendorpe & Neal R. Bach - Road Trip '95
    Gary Kout & David Baumgarten - Riding To The Moon
    Jeff & Linda's world
    Punky & Lew's Americas Motopaseo
    Hell's Buddhas - Touring through India
    Dave & Helen - India to UK by Enfield Bullet
    Fernweh Adventures - Cäcilia & Khim Rojas
    Scott Strance - Actic Circle Trip
    Nick Sanders - Fastest Man Around The World
    Jim Rogers - Investment Biker
    Alex's BMW Motorcycle & Global Touring Page
    Josef Figl - photoweb.at
    Jeff's BMW Motorcycle Toys and Travels Page
    Bruce Clark
    David Park
    Nelson Patricio Oliveira
    Guy Boutin
    Tim Mayhew - Pashnit: Long distance touring and motorcycle photography
    Sylvie & Laurent tour the world in an Ural sidecar!
    Pilgrim's Harley page
    Don Hibbard
    Steve Wallstrom & Jim Mallory - Bikers Without Borders
    Ricardo Rocco - Around the world for peace
    Meine van Essen
    Harvey Gordon-Sawyers & Lisa Roberts
    Jeff Munn
    Dominique Blachon
    Tom Hunter
    Motorcyclebloggers.com - Motorcycle bloggers group
    Elena Myers
    Mark Bailey - I Love Motorcycles
    Enrico di Pordenone - Motorcycle-hitcher in Italy
    Will England's ride reports, reviews and tips
    Christopher Michael Drumgoole - Chang Jiang rider in Beijing, China
    Alex Pearsall
    Christopher Hall
    Cecilie Hoffman - Cecilie's Motorcycle Journal
    Shirl Kennedy - Uncaged Librarian
    Christian Bynum - Classic BMW motorcycles
    Carol Youorski - Skert’s Pink Ribbon Rides
    Dale Borgeson - Motorcycle Touring For Beginners
    Doug Klassen - Forty Years on Two Wheels
    Pavel Ivanov - ViRUS's Moto Site from Russia
    Christian Kernbeis - Christian's Dnepr Pages
    Chris Emerson - Dakar Diary
    Mike Werner
    Det Ansinn
    Dave Barr
    Sylvia Stuurman
    Rachel Dwyer - Tiger Racing
    Mike Mullen
    Matt Knowles
    Stephen Pate
    Pierre Sousa
    Bruno Valeri
    Dave Hooker - Mr. Cob
    Kathy Gill - Motogrrl
    Annie Seel - Rally Princess
    Roy Bertalotto
    Evel Knievel
    Ted's House - Ted Verrill's motorcycle page
    Graham K. Rogers - Motorcycling in Thailand
    Lawrence Wheeler - Motorcycling in Thailand
    Adrian Jowett's Motorcycle Page
    Ian Johnston
    Rick Ramsey
    Sam Liles
    Richard Pitt - Richard's Digital Rag Daily
    Joe Houseworth
    Charles Petrie's BMW MC page
    Peg Monkey
    Barry Wressell
    Sunil Doshi
    Guzzi Hack
    Thomas P. Hargrave Jr. - Tom's Harley-Davidson & Sidecar Page
    Marty Johnston
    Arlo Bensinger & Chuck English - In The Scene
    Jörg Hau
    Paul Peczon - Uncle Paul

  3. Meet your (motorcycle) maker

    13 Choppers - Ducati-powered custom motorcycles
    Boss Hoss
    CCM - Clews Competition Motorcycles
    Cagiva (worldwide)
    Cagiva USA
    Chang Jiang
    CR&S - The Vun custom motorcycle
    Ducati (worldwide)
    Ducati USA
    EVAproducts - Diesel motorcycles
    Fischer Motor Company
    FX Bikes
    Gas Gas USA
    Harley Davidson
    Hayes Diversified Technologies (HDTUSA) - Diesel motorcycles
    Honest Charley V8 Flathead Motorcycles
    Indian of United Kingdom
    Intelligent Energy
    Irving Vincent
    Martin Conquest
    MotoCreations - Ducati-powered custom motorcycles
    Moto Guzzi
    Moto Morini
    MV Agusta
    MZ (Motorrad und Zweiradwerk)
    Red Wing Motorcycles
    Royal Enfield
    Steffano Motors
    Terra Modena
    TM Racing
    UM (United Motors)
    Victory (Polaris)

  4. Global touring resources

    Adventure Rider
    Horizon's Unlimited
    Motorcycle Journal dot net
    Bernd Tesch - motorcycle travel expert
    Adventure Motorcycling - Chris Scott
    International Motorcycle Adventurers
    Wandering Around in South America
    MC Guide dot com
    Find a cyber cafe anywhere!
    Golden Triangle Rider - David Unkovich's guide to northern Thailand
    How to See the World - European and World Backpacking
    Cruise America - Rentals
    South American Explorers - Travel information for South America
    BMW Motorrad USA Xplor
    Trans-Atlantic BikeShare - Bike sharing for international touring
    The Minsk Motorbike Drivers Club - Hanoi, Vietnam
    Fielding's Danger Finder

  5. Tour companies

    Globeriders - World adventure tours
    7fifty - Motorcycle tours for charity in Morocco and Ecuador
    Unicorn Adventures - Southern Europe motorcycle tours
    RawHyde Adventures
    DreamCatchers Motorcycle Tours - Tours of the Appalachian mountains
    Windwalker Motorcycle Tours - Guided tours of the Colorado Rockies
    Nick Sanders - MotoChallenge
    World Wide Moto Tours
    Backroad Motorcycle Tours Kazoom Moto Adventures - Turkey & neighboring countries
    Chris Haines Motorcycle Adventure Company - Baja, Mexico tours
    Beijing Sidecar Solution - Sales, service, tours and rentals for Chang Jiang motorcycles (Beijing, China)
    Center of Modern Tourisom - Motorcycle tours of Russia
    H-C Travel - Worldwide motorcycle tours and rentals
    Countdown - Mexico to Canada off-road dual-sport tours
    Siam Bike Travel - Thailand, Laos & Burma. Enduro motorcycle tours.
    Peter & Friends - Adventure Biking in India and Nepal
    Mountain To Sound Motorcycle Adventures - Rentals and Tours
    Ride The World - Motorcycle rental, hire and touring worldwide
    Rosen's Rides - Moto Tours de Mexico
    MotoAdventures - Peru and Costa Rica
    Ayres Adventures - Africa, North America & South America
    RideRoute - China tours
    Baja Bound - Off-Road Motorcycle Adventures in Baja
    VFR South Africa
    VFR New Zealand
    Reuthers - New Zealand
    Te Waipounamu Motorcycle Tours Ltd - New Zealand
    KEA Motorcycle Tours & Rentals - New Zealand
    Motorcycles New Zealand - Rentals and tours in the South Island of New Zealand
    AdMo-Tours - Global motorcycle rentals & tours for over 35 countries
    Global Motorcycle Adventures - Customized tours worldwide
    Tom Grenon's Custom Guided Off-road Motorcycle Tours
    Great American Motorcycle Touring
    Beach's Motorcycle Adventures, Ltd.
    GoTourNZ - New Zealand Motorcycle Tours & Rentals
    Alaska Motorcycle Adventures
    Edelweiss Bike Travel
    Eagle Rider
    Bosenberg Motorcycle Excursions - Great rides in the heart of Europe
    Mototouring - Motorcycle tours and rentals in Europe
    Motorcycle Vineland Classic Tours - Tours of Novia Scotia MotoDiscovery (Formerly Pancho Villa Moto-Tours) - Mexico, Central America, Europe & Asia
    Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Holidays - Luxury motorcycle holidays in the Canadian Rockies
    Iberian Moto Tours - Spain, Portugal, the French Pyrenees and Morocco
    New Zealand Motorcycle Rentals & Tours
    Alaska Rider Tours - Explore Alaska by dual-purpose motorcycle
    MotorEast - Tours in Turkey
    Costa Rica Off-Road Dirt Bike Motorcycle Tours & Rentals
    Costa Rica Motorcycle Tours & Rentals
    Moto Tours Costa Rica
    Karoo Biking - BMW motorcycle tours and rentals in South Africa
    Moto Aventures - Andorra, Spain and Morocco tours
    Asian Motorcycle Adventures - Thailand, Laos & Malaysia
    Enduro Thailand - Off-road tours in northern Thailand
    Explore Indochina - Laos, Cambodia & Vietnam
    Angkor Dirt Bike Tours - Cambodia
    GripTwister - Dual Sport Adventure Motorcycle Tours
    Extreme Motorbike Tours China - Specializing in Chang Jiang motorcycles
    Pacific Motorcycle Rentals - Rent a sportbike in San Francisco
    Rentamotorcycle - Motorcycle rentals in Scotland
    Turkey Creek Motorcycle Tours - Colorado and Mexico

  6. Motorcycle resorts

    Two Wheels Only Motorcycle Resort - Suches, Georgia
    Deal's Gap Motorcycle Resort - The Smokey Mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina
    Mountain Brook Cottages - Fireplace Cottages in the Great Smokies
    Sawmill Town USA - Newton, Texas
    Vintages - Datil, New Mexico

  7. Places to go

    Motorcycle Rides in America - Best motorcycling, roads, tours, articles, track days, racing & tips
    Motorcycle Roads .US - Your one-stop resource for great motorcycle roads
    OpenRoadJourney - Roads, trips, maps and articles Places 2 Ride - Guide to Motorcycle Destinations, Events & Gear
    Tail of the Dragon - Official website for US129 at Deals Gap
    SMILEY's Links - Good source of info for Thailand and S.E. Asia

  8. Motorcycle and touring products

    Adventure Motorsports - Gear, accessories and ehyopment for adventure touring
    Adventure Motorcycle Equipment - Luggage and exhaust systems
    MV Motorrad - Accessories for BMW motorcycles
    Craig Vechorik's Bench Mark Works - BMW restoration and parts
    Wudo, Verholen and Martin Fabrication touring products
    Creative Cycle Concepts
    Motorcycle Gear Review
    Cycle Saver - Online Superstore
    Moto Directory
    CoolCycle - plastic bike protectors
    Dennis Kirk
    Dual Star - Motorcycle Adventure Outfitters
    JC Whitney
    Chaparral Motorsports
    Motorcycle Accessory Warehouse
    Arrowhead Motorsports
    Motorcycle Superstore
    Sam Correro's Trans-America Trail - Cross-country off-road riding
    Mr. Ed's Moto - Motorcycle Accessories
    KneeDraggers - Parts, accessories and clothing for sportbike riders
    Scottoiler - Automatic lubrication for chains
    Electrex - Charging systems for motorcycles
    Custom Heat, Inc. - Heated handgrips
    CycoActive - Touring products
    KN PowerSports - Air filters
    Cycle Gadgets
    Cycle Outfitter
    Bob's BMW
    Adventure Motorcycle Gear
    WestCo Battery
    Billet Racing Products - Accessories for the Dedicated!
    Dirt-Bike-Gear dot com - Fender packs
    Acerbis - Parts and apparel
    BG's stuff - Specializing in accessories for the BMW F650
    Z Technik - Accessories for BMW motorcycles
    Nikwax - Waterproofing systems
    Southwest Moto Tires - Discount tires
    CycleTires - remanufactured (retread) colored tires
    Baja GPS Guidebooks
    Dirtly - Dual sport parts & accessories
    National Cycle - Windshields, fairings and accessories
    Zero Gravity Online - Windscreens
    Targa Accessories Online - Sportbike and cruiser accesories
    MotoMacondo - Custom bike accessories
    GenMar - Handlebar risers and other accessories
    Scotts Performance Products
    Baja Designs - Dual sport kits
    HyperPro USA - Steering dampers, shocks & springs
    Cycle Deals - Overstock bargains on helmets and apparel
    Helmet Harbor - Helmets, apparel, gear and accessories
    Ride Safer - Motorcycle safety products
    Protec Q - US importers of Italian helmets and apparel
    World Vintage Motorcycle Sales - Handlebar muffs and fork protectors
    Sagebrush Machine Shop - Gear, accessories and advice for the dual sport bikes
    My Baby Jo - Hippo Hands / Moto Muffs
    Hippo Hands - Custom made handlebar muffs
    Dual Sport Shopping Network
    Vibe-Rider - Miles of smiles
    Powerlet Products - Power outlets for motorcycles

  9. Tools

    beza WindZone - Motorcycle tool kits
    Samstag Sales - German-made hand tools
    Cruz Tools - Tool kits for motorcycles
    Snap-on Tools
    Motion Pro
    Kowa Tools
    Wiha Tools
    Stanley Tools
    Zelenda Automotive - Distributor for Heyco and other tools

  10. GPS and maps

    GPS Information - Reviews and advice
    GPS maps on the web
    Convert any US or Canadian address to GPS coordinates!
    Garmin - GPS maker
    TomTom - GPS maker
    Magellan - GPS maker
    Lowrance - GPS maker
    Baja GPS Guidebooks

  11. Camping gear

    Bibler Tents
    REI - Main store
    REI - Outlet store
    Redline Gear - Motorcycle touring gear
    Hennessy Hammock

  12. Clothing

    LDComfort - Apparel for long-distance comfort
    Lee Parks Design - Deerskin gloves & accessories
    Crider Leather Jackets
    Draggin' Jeans - Kevlar-lined motorcycle jeans
    Speed Leather
    Gerbing - Heated clothing
    Widder - Heated clothing
    Motorcycle Boots
    Aerostich Riderwear
    Motorcycle Leather Exchange
    Adventure Motorcycle Gear
    Top Gear Motorcycles
    Hein Gericke
    Hein Gericke USA
    Johnson Leathers
    Langlitz Leathers
    Tour Master
    FirstGear (Intersport Fashions)
    Joe Rocket
    Tiger Angel
    New Enough - Motorcycle leathers & boots
    Black Sheep Boots
    Berlin Glove Company
    Fox Creek Leather - Leather motorcycle jackets, vests & chaps
    Moto Liberty
    KneeDraggers - Parts, accessories and clothing for sportbike riders
    Carhartt - Heavy cotton work clothing
    Protec Q - US importers of Italian helmets and apparel
    Trackleather.com - Rental gear for track days
    RideHide - Technical Riding Gear

  13. Fairings & windshields

    SECDEMO - Fairings and windscreens for motorcycles
    Parabellum - Quiet Windshields for BMW motorcycles
    Aeroflow - Advanced Windshields for BMW motorcycles
    Baker Built
    Cee Bailey's Motorcycle Products
    National Cycle - Windshields, fairings and accessories

  14. Luggage

    Kathy's Journey Designs
    Happy Trails
    Jesse Luggage Systems
    Metal Mule
    Moto-Sport Panniers
    Iverson Scandinavian - Adjustable luggage rack
    Wolfman Luggage
    Eclipse Luggage
    Helen Two Wheels
    Ventura Motorcycle Luggage
    Luggage Locker
    Mag's Bags
    Tour Master
    Motorbags Online
    Andy Strapz

  15. Saddles

    Russell Day-Long
    Bill Mayer Saddles
    Rich's Custom Seats - Custom seatmaker (Seattle, Washington)
    Erston Moto Seats - Custom motorcycle seats & accessories (Tacoma, Washington)
    Rich's Cycle Upholstery - Ural specialist in Virginia
    Travelcade / Saddlemen
    Wool-N-Wear - Sheepskin seat covers
    Butt Buffer - Relieving lower back discomfort for motorcyclists
    Good Wool Store - Sheepskin seat covers from Australia
    Alaska Leather - Home of the 'Sheepskin Buttpad'
    Diamond Custom Seats
    Cycle Saddles
    Soft-Bottom - Gel seat cushions

  16. Motorcycle loading ramps

    Ramp Master - Folding truck ramps
    Ready Ramp - Folding truck ramps
    Discount Ramps

  17. Books and videos

    Motorcycle Books
    Whitehorse Press
    Ride Like A Pro - Video instruction
    Motorcycle Memories Literature - Old books, magazines, posters and more

  18. Motorcycle shipping

    Federal Motorcycle shipper
    JC Motors
    ID Transport
    Haul Bikes
    Motorcycle Services
    Warren Motorcycle Transport
    Motorcycle Express
    Some comments from H. Marc Lewis
    Berklay - International and domestic cargo services
    Berklay Express
    Mont-Bruno/Lakeshore agent for Allied Van Lines
    Express Motorcycle Shipping
    Knopf Motorradreisen
    1AA Motorcycles Transport
    Eagle One Express
    uShip - Cheap motorcycle shipping

  19. Rider training and schools

    Off Road Skills - Simon Pavey (Wales, UK)
    Adventure Sidecar - S/TEP (Sidecar/Trike Education Program)
    Streetmasters Precision Cornering Motorcycle Workshop (Rosamond, California)
    Northeast Sportbike Association (NESBA) - Motorcycle track days and lessons
    West Coast Supermoto (WCSM) - Supermoto racing school
    Jimmy Lewis Racing - Offroad riding school
    Fast Freddie - Freddie Spencer's High Performance Riding School
    2Fast - Motorcycle track days & instruction
    Penguin Roadracing School
    Keith Code's California Superbike School
    Frank Kinsey Racing School
    Learning Curves Racing School
    Lawrence Grodsky's Stayin' Safe Motorcycle Tours & Safety Training
    Gary Bailey MX School
    Reg Pridmore's CLASS Motorcycle Schools
    Motorcycle Safety Foundation
    Motorcycle Safety Foundation - Dirt Bike School
    Washington State Department of Licensing, Washington Motorcycle Safety Program
    Kevin Schwantz Suzuki School at Road Atlanta
    Mike Sullivan Road Race School
    Jason Pridmore's Star Motorcycle School
    Aaron Stevenson's Cornerspeed Riderschool
    Ed Bargy Racing Services
    Cascade Endurance Center (Lyons, Oregon)
    MotoSchool - Dirt Bike School
    Motorcycle Riding School - Safe riding school (Chicago, Illinois)
    Moto Fun - Motorcycle training (Austin, Texas)
    T.R.I.C. - Total Rider Improvement Courses (Austin, Texas)
    RideSmart - Track days and classes (Austin, Texas)
    International Road Race School Thailand
    Web Bike World's list of motorcycle riding schools

  20. Track day organizations

    The Track Net - Track day enthusiast's forum
    2 Fast - Motorcycle track days & instruction
    Adrenaline Freaks - Track Day Excursions
    Club Desmo
    Canyon Strafers
    PCS Daytona
    Cornerspeed Rider School - Virginia International Raceway
    Edge Performance Riding Courses
    Fasttrack Riders
    Hallet Racing - Hallet, Oklahoma
    Hammy Boys
    Hawaii Road Race Association
    Hypercycle - Hyperclub Track Days
    Jennings GP Track Days
    Lance Kegwin - Keigwins@theTrack
    Learning Curves Racing/Riding Schools
    Lone Star Track Days
    Midwest Rider - Track Day Experience
    MTC Track Day
    NASA Northern Nevada Sportbike Association
    NESBA (Northeast Sportbike Association) - Motorcycle track days and lessons
    New York Sportbike Club
    Pacific Supersport Riders
    Pacific Track Time
    Penguin Road Racing School
    Reduc Sportbike Association
    Sandia Motorcycle Roadracing Incorporated
    Sportbike Track Time
    SoCal Track Days
    Team Hammer Advanced Riding School and Track Rides
    Team Pro-Motion
    Track DaZ
    Track Junkie - Improve your skills with track time
    Trackaholics - Trackdays for sportbike enthusiasts
    Zoom Zoom Track Days
    Lone Star Track Days (Texas)
    RideSmart - Track days and classes (Austin, Texas)

  21. Motorcycle and motocross tracks

    Sky River MX Track (Woodinville, Washington)
    Pacific Raceways / Seattle International Raceway (Kent, Washington)
    Spokane Raceway Park (Spokane, Washington)
    Portland International Raceway (Portland, Oregon)
    Willow Springs (Rosamond, California)
    Laguna Seca (Salinas, California)
    Buttonwillow (Buttonwillow, California)
    Road Atlanta (Atlanta, Georgia)
    Daytona International Speedway (Daytona, Florida)
    Spring Mountain Motorsports Park (Pahrump, Nevada)
    Las Vegas Motor Speedway (Las Vegas, Nevada)
    Texas World Speedway (College Station, Texas)
    Motorsport Ranch (Cresson, Texas)
    ManorMoto - Motocross track (Manor, Texas)
    Liberty Motorsports Park (Houston, Texas)
    MSR Houston (Houston, Texas)

  22. Motorcycle reviews - See also 'Online magazines' below

    PowerSports Network - Rider Reviews
    Leon's Bike Road Test Links
    Motorcycle Reports - Research past motorcycle reviews
    Motorsports Network

  23. Online magazines

    Inside Bikes
    Hell For Leather
    Raptors & Rockets
    Cycle World
    Rider Report
    Street Biker
    Motorcycle Online
    Throttle Bunny - A Webzine For Women On Two Wheels
    V-Twin Mama - For sassy, classy women motorcyclists
    Bill Fowler - New Biking News
    insidebikes - News, articles and reviews from the U.K.
    Sound Rider - The Northwest's Ultimate Motorcycling Resource
    Sport Touring Motorcycles
    2WF - Two Wheel Freaks
    MX Off-Road.com
    Motorworld Online
    Washington State BMW Riders - The Shaft magazine
    Southwest Bike Travel Zine
    Beginner Bikes - Specializing in new riders
    Dual Sport News
    Motorbikes Today
    Canadian Motorcycle Guide Online
    Dirt Rider
    Ride Texas

  24. Used motorcycles

    Total Motorcycle - Used motorcycle buyer's guide
    Cycle Trader Classifieds
    Craig's List
    Chrome Classics - Vintage Motorcycles
    Motorcycle Swapmeet
    Dual Sport News classifieds
    The Chain Gang - BMW F650 classifieds
    Motocross classifieds
    Hogs 4 Sale classifieds
    Motosoup dot com
    Northwest Classifieds
    Yahoo classifieds
    Motorcycles on Ebay
    Motorcycle Shopper
    Sound Rider classifieds
    Washington State BMW Riders Classifieds
    Internet BMW riders classifieds
    Dual sport classifieds
    Car Buyer
    J Wood & Co. Auctioneers
    Vallantine Motor Works - BMW sales and service
    PowerSports Network Classifieds
    European Motorcycles, Inc. - Restoration and sales (Redmond, Washington)
    Wrecked Bike - Specializing in sportbike salvage
    Wrecked Bike - Classifieds
    Bent Bike - Seattle area motorcycle salvage & used bikes
    Airhead Salvage - Used bike list (Austin, Texas)
    Whiteside Motors - Used motorcycles (Austin, Texas)
    Ragin Cajun Motors - Used motorcycles (Austin, Texas)
    Moto Salvage Directory - Lists salvages yards across the U.S.
    European Motorcycles, Inc. - Restoration and sales
    Soviet cars and motorcycles for sale

  25. Used motorcycle price guides

    Kelley Blue Book (KBB)
    NADA Guide

  26. Motorcycle repair, maintenance & restoration

    Dan's Online Motorcycle Repair Course
    Spark Plug Maintenance
    Repair It Right Videos - Demonstrates motorcycle maintenance and repair
    Fix My Hog - Harley/Davidson maintenance video instruction
    Vallantine Motor Works - BMW sales and service
    The Motorsports Restoration Center
    European Motorcycles, Inc. - Restoration and sales
    Gervasi's Cycle Repair - Everett, Washington (also carries parts & accessories)
    European Motorcycles, Inc. - Restoration and sales
    Dirt Tech - Motorcycle maintenance tips
    Retro Bikes - Vintage Honda Parts
    Duane Ausherman - BMW motorcycle repair & maintenance
    Indian's 1974 BMW R90S restoration project
    Powerchutes tech tips
    BMW technical articles, repair & maintenance advice
    Mike Nixon - The Motorcycle Project
    Drill Sgt. Joe's Maintenance Page
    CycleFish - Spark Plug Maintenance

  27. Tire repair tips

    Changing tubeless tires
    Changing tube-type tires
    Changing a tube in the woods
    Plugging and patching a tire
    Changing and balancing a motorcycle tire
    Home brew tire changing equipment
    Home brewed tire mounting and balancing
    Plugging a flat tire
    Web Bike World - Motorcycle tires page

  28. Clubs & organizations

    60kph - Motorcycle Travel Club, India
    American Motorcyclist Association
    Airheads Beemer Club
    Oilheads Beemer Club
    Washington State BMW Riders
    Internet BMW Riders Motorcycle Club
    BMW Riders Association International
    The Chain Gang - F650 fan site
    BMW Motorcycle Owners of America
    International Brotherhood of Motorcycle Campers
    Iron Butt Association - World's Toughest Riders
    North American Russian Motorcycle Association (NARMA)
    The Minsk Motorbike Drivers Club - Hanoi, Vietnam
    WetLeather - Pacific Northwest motorcycle club
    IBA - The Iron Butt Association (long distance riders)
    MERA - Motorcycle Endurance Riding Association (long distance riders)
    North Comets - Chiang Mai, Thailand, motorcycle club
    Motorcycle Safety Foundation
    VJMC - Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club
    VJMW - Vintage Japanese Motorcycle World
    Christian Motorcyclists Association of Washington State
    North Texas Norton Owners Association - Vintage British/European motorcycle enthusiasts
    San Antonio BMW Motorcycle Riders Association
    Northwest Motorcycle Association - Off-road motorcycling in Washington state
    Puget Sound Trialers - Washington trials riding club
    Northeast Sportbike Association (NESBA) - Motorcycle track days and lessons
    Red Devils Motorcycle Club - Shanghai, China
    WRRA - Washington Road Riders Association
    WMRRA - Washington Motorcycle Road Racing Association
    OMRRA - Oregon Motorcycle Road Racing Association
    Dual Sport Rider.org
    United Sidecar Association
    Cossak Owners Club - UK club for Russian motorcycles
    Ural Riders Association - UK club for East European motorcycles
    Dnepr Owners Group (D.O.G.)
    Hells Angels
    Central Motorcycle Roadracing Association
    OMM - One More Mile Riders Club in Turkey
    AMSA - Austin MotoSports Association - Off-road motorcycling

  29. Aprilia links

    Mike Wolf - Wolfie's Aprilia Futura pages

  30. BMW links

    Internet BMW Riders Motorcycle Club
    BMW Riders Association International
    BMW Motorcycle Riders
    K-Bikes.com - Excellence in Motion
    BMW Luxury Touring Community
    Airheads Beemer Club
    Oilheads Beemer Club
    The Chain Gang - F650 fan site
    F800Riders.org - F800 fan site
    Phil Hawksley's BM Bikes - 'The Ultimate BMW Motorcycle Information Site'
    BMW technical articles, repair & maintenance advice
    Dave Thompson's BMW R-series info page
    Washington State BMW Riders
    BMW Sport Touring - Discussion forum for BMW riders
    BMW Motorcycle Owners of America
    GS World - News and travel stories
    BMWRT - BMW Sport Touring enthusiasts
    Washington State BMW Riders - The Shaft magazine
    Jeff Dean - The "Dean" of BMW web sites
    BMW GS fan site - Detailed information on the GS/ST line
    VBMWMO - Vintage BMW Motorcycle Owners
    A & S Cycles - BMW Motorcycle accessories & clothing
    Eurotech Motorsports
    Moto-Bins Ltd. - BMW Discount Parts
    Quality Motorcycle - BMW parts
    Bing Carburetors
    Meine van Essen's F650 web page
    Trevor George's F650 information site
    GSer.com - Information and resources for BMW GS owners (R bikes)
    John Lacko - John's Beemer Garage - BMW documentation & photos
    International BMW R90S registry
    Ed Korn's Cycle Works - BMW Motorcycle & Isetta tools, parts and videos
    Duane Ausherman - BMW motorcycle repair & maintenance
    Bob's BMW
    Indian's 1974 BMW R90S restoration project
    Craig Vechorik's Bench Mark Works - BMW restoration and parts
    Jugheads - 'International BMW Rider's Bawdy Bar'
    Rhine West Performance - Replacement coding plugs (cat code plug)
    Airhead Salvage - BMW parts and used bikes (Austin, Texas)
    5 United - Classic BMW Motorcycle Club

  31. Brough Superior links

    Harris Vincent Gallery, Inc. - Herb Harris's Vincent and Brough Superior collection

  32. Buell links

    Bad Weather Bikers (BadWeB) - Buell enthusiasts

  33. Ducati links

    Ducati (worldwide)
    Ducati USA
    Federico Minoli - Desmo Blog
    Ducati.ms - Ducati enthusiast discussion forums
    Ducati Monster List - Online club and resource center for Ducati owners
    Ducati Monster FAQ
    Desmo Northwest - Ducati enthusiast community of the Pacific Northwest
    Ducati ST FAQ
    Ducati Online - The Internet Ducati Club
    Ducati Designs - Aftermarket products for Ducati
    Ducatis Unlimited Connection - World-Wide Ducati Enthusiast's Website
    Ducati Sporting Club - The UK Club for Today's Ducati Rider
    Ducati Meccanica - For classic Ducati enthusiasts
    Club Desmo
    Ducati Riders Club
    Sigma Performance - Tuning, racing & technical assistance
    Ducati Suite - For the do-it-yourself Ducati mechanic
    Race Metal - Specializing in titanium performance upgrades
    Mike Mullen's Ducati ST4s accessories and upgrades
    ducatipaso.org - Ducati Paso enthusiast site
    California Cycleworks - Aftermarket Ducati parts
    Tom Marhoefer's Ducati links page
    ST4s.com - Ian Ballantine's Ducati ST4S enthusiast site
    BevelTech Engineering - Restoration & Transformation of classic Ducati bevel drive twins

  34. Honda links

    Wikipedia - Honda VFR750
    Wikipedia - Honda VFR800
    Christopher Leach - The Authoritative VF/VFR FAQ
    VFR Discussion Group
    John Perkins - The VFR Homepage
    Robyn Landers - The Honda V4 Files and More
    The CB750 Mutilation Society
    Randakk's Cycle Shack - Honda GL1000 Restoration Specialist

  35. Hyosung links

    Korider - Hyosung, Korean motorcycle enthusiast's forum

  36. Kawasaki links

    KLR 650 Review - Canadian Biker Magazine
    KLR 650 Review - Motorcycle Online Magazine
    KLR 650 Comparative Review - Motorcycle Online Magazine
    KLR 650 Reviews - Epinions.com
    Conall's Kawasaki KLR650 Page (Unofficial)
    Dual Star KLR 650 page
    KLR 650 FAQ
    KLR 650 Resources
    KLR 650 "Anatomy 101"
    Eric's Kawasaki KLR 650 and Dual Sport Page
    Glenn's KLR 650 discussion board
    Project KLR650R
    Mark's KLR 650 pages
    Jeff's KLR page
    Kawasaki KLR 650 fan site
    The Germany KLR650 page
    Big Dave's 2000 Kawasaki KLR 650 website
    MotorMarks KLR650 website
    MotorMarks KLR650 website (second website)
    Yahoo KLR 650 group
    The KLR 650 Registry
    Motorcycle Online KLR 650 Review
    Canadian Biker KLR 650 Review
    KLR 650 Mailing List
    KLR 650 page
    KLR 650 Accessories, Products & Reviews
    Big Cee Engineering - KLR 650 accessories
    KLR650.NET - Forum for KLR650 enthusiasts
    Ninja 250 Riders Club
    Ninja 250 Forum
    Ninja 250 FAQ
    Yeager's 2005 Kawasaki Ninja 250R
    Ex-500.com - Forum for Ninja 500 enthusiasts
    Versys - U.K. enthusiast's forum

  37. Minsk links

    Minsk Motorcycle Works
    The Minsk Motorbike Drivers Club - Hanoi, Vietnam
    Wheels of steel: The mighty Minsk

  38. Moto Guzzi links

    Moto Guzzi
    Moto Guzzi National Owners Club
    Wildgoose Chase Moto Guzzi
    Cycle Gardn Moto Guzzi - Service & restoration for pre-1975 Moto Guzzi
    Guzzi Hack
    Moto Guzzi Classics - Service & restorations
    V11 LeMans - fan site

  39. Royal Enfield links

    Royal Enfield
    The Enfield Archive
    Diesel-Engined Royal Enfield Bullet
    Dave & Helen - India to UK by Enfield Bullet
    David Thomas - Bullet Sixty-5

  40. Suzuki links

    Gixxer.com - Suzuki GSX news, reviews and user forums
    SV Rider
    UK based SV650 resource
    JHS Racing - Performance parts and modifications for the SV650
    Mike Schinkel's SV web site
    SV650 Registry
    SV1000 message board
    Suzukimods - Kits for the SV1000 from the U.K.
    The GS Resources - Resources for classic Suzuki GS motorcycles
    SV1000 Portal - Fan site and message boards
    The GS Resources Forums

  41. Triumph links

    Triumph675.net - Online community for the Triumph 675 triple
    T595.net - The independent site for Triumph owners
    TOMCC - Triumph Owners' Motor Cycle Club
    The Speed Triple

  42. Vincent links

    Irving Vincent
    Harris Vincent Gallery, Inc. - Herb Harris's Vincent and Brough Superior collection

  43. Yamaha links

    Yamaha FJR1300 Owner's Association

  44. Sidecar manufacturers, dealers and importers

    Liberty Sidecars (Seattle, Washington)
    Watsonian-Squire (Gloucester, England)
    Motorvation (Sibley, Indiana)
    Dauntless Motors (Covington, Washington)
    ARMEC Sidecars (East Hanover, New Jersey)
    Side Strider (Van Nuys, California)
    Texas Sidecars and Trikes (Leonard, Texas)
    California Sidecar (Colleen, Virginia)
    Champion Sidecars (Huntington Beach, California)
    Fleximum (Laurierville, Québec, Canada)
    Hannigan Motorsports (Murray, Kentucky)
    Molotov Cocktail - Weav's Old Russian Bikes, importer from Europe (Cary, North Carolina)
    Scooter Bob's EuroBike (St. Albans, West Virginia)
    PopsCycle - Chang Jiang Motorcycles & Sidecars (Chicago, Illinois)
    Russian-American Motorbike Co. - Specializing in importing Dnepr motorcycles (Seattle, Washington)
    Red October Motorcycles - Classic Soviet motorcycles, parts & apparel (Wichita, Kansas)
    Neff Design and Engineering (Dragoon, Arizona)
    Red Iron Cycles - Chang Jiang motorcycles and sidecars (La Habra, California)
    Vintage Sidecars Danny California - Restoration and export of Chang Jiang motorcycles (Shanghai, China)
    Oldtimer Garage - Sales, restoration & parts for German and Russian motorbikes (Szczecin, Poland)
    Blitz Bikes - BMW, Zündapp, and Chang Jiang Motorcycles, Kübelwagen, & Parts and Accessories (Hicksville, New York)
    ASE Motorsport - Vintage Chiang Jiang 750 Motorcycle Kits (Wallingford, Connecticut)
    Vintage Street Machines - Chang Jiang importer (Broken Arrow, Oklahoma)
    Martin Conquest - Drive-from-wheelchair motorcycles (Hyde, England)
    Chang Jiang Unlimited - Pictures and information for Chang Jiang enthusiasts
    Long River Motorworks - Vintage Chang Jiang sales and restoration
    Beijing Sidecar Solution - Sales, service, tours and rentals for Chang Jiang motorcycles (Beijing, China)
    Velorex USA
    EML Engineering Holland - Sidecars & Trikes
    EZS - Sidecars & trailers
    Ural motorcycles
    Dnepr World
    DNEPR Masters
    Chang Jiang

  45. Sidecar links

    Hack'd - The Magazine For and About Sidecarists
    Adventure Sidecar
    Hog Wild Racing
    Sidecar Talk / Internet Sidecar Owners Klub - Yahoo newsgroup
    Russian Iron Motorcycle Club
    Cossak Owners Club - UK club for Russian motorcycles
    Ural Riders Association - UK club for East European motorcycles
    Dnepr Owners Group (D.O.G.)
    United Sidecar Association
    North American Russian Motorcycle Association (NARMA) (not working?)
    Worldwide Sidecar Motocross Racing
    Ural web ring
    A Ural how-to
    Ural Parts
    Russian Spares - Ural, Dnepr and Izh spare parts, Sputnik sidecars
    Pashnit's excellent sidecar links page
    Ural Yankee Bob - Parts and accessories for Ural motorcycles
    AutoSoviet - Dnepr, Ural and other Soviet motorcycles
    Christopher Michael Drumgoole - Chang Jiang rider in Beijing, China
    Extreme Motorbike Tours China - Specializing in Chang Jiang motorcycles
    W. Darrin Weaver - BMW R71-Chiang Jiang Replicas (Eddy, Texas)
    Dan Crossman - Chang Jiang Unlimited
    Frank's Classic Sidecars - BMW-powered Chang Jiang conversions (Beijing, China)
    Chang Jiang Collective - Chang Jiang community
    Rich's Cycle Upholstery - Ural specialist in Virginia
    CURD - Canadian Ural/Dnepr Riders Group
    Christian Kernbeis - Christian's Dnepr Pages
    Craig Willson - Humblebub - A Russian Passion
    John Dreuning's sidecar links page
    Gary Smith - Burro Has Three Wheels, Portland, Oregon to Tierra del Fuego, Argentina via Ural

  46. Diesel, electric, fuel cell and hybrid motorcycles

    Hayes Diversified Technologies (HDTUSA) - Diesel motorcycles
    EVAproducts - Diesel motorcycles
    Neander - Diesel motorcycle maker
    Motorcycle City - USMC M1030 M1 Diesel Kawasaki (diesel KLR650)
    Journey To Forever - Diesel motorbikes
    Cranfield University - Diesel Military Motorcycle
    eCycle - Hybrid motorcycle
    F1 Engineering - KLR 650 diesel conversion
    The env - Fuel cell motorcycle by Intelligent Energy
    Journey to Forever - Diesel motorbikes links
    Diesel-Engined Royal Enfield Bullet
    KillaCycle - World's Quickest Electric Motorcycle

  47. Stunt riding

    Jean Pierre Goy Organisation - Motorcycle stuntman
    Stunters - Streetbike stuntriding
    Stuntlife - Complete stunter's resource

  48. Museums

    Wheels Through Time - All-American Transportation Museum (Maggie Valley, North Carolina)
    Solvang Vintage Motorcycle Museum (Solvang, California)
    Barber Museum in (Birmingham, Alabama)
    Mike Hailwood Museum (website only)
    Pacific Northwest Museum of Motorcycling

  49. Other motorcycle link collections

    Bikelinks "The A to Z of Motorcycling"
    BMWDFW links
    Stephen Pate's motorcycle links
    Long Distance - Pieces & Parts, links for long distance riders
    Aftermarket stuff (specializing in FJR1300)
    MotoSites - Find anything motorcycle
    Ronnie Cramer's Motorcycle Web Index
    Biker Sites - Searchable motorcycle links

  50. More handy links

    Sheldon's Classic European Motorcycles
    Beginnerbikers.org - Information for new and returning bikers
    SliderPhoto - Professional motorcycle photography
    Motorcycle Tips and Techniques
    Motorcycle Tips - Free advice about motorcycles
    Doc's Motorcycle Touring Pit Stop
    Big list of bike-related phone numbers
    Moto-Rama - Information about motorcycling
    Yahoo Motorcycle Adventure Touring list
    RoadRIDERS - Your internet motorcycle resource
    BikePics - Motorcycle pictures, video and info
    Helmet video camera
    Doug's Dual Sport Motorcycle Page
    Biker Matchmaking - Biker dating and personal ads
    Biker Kiss - Biker singles dating club
    Tuning By Travis, TBT Racing - Performance parts for suspensions and engines
    DeVol Engineering - Products for off-road riding
    ThumperTalk - Straight talk about four-strokes
    4Strokes.com - Reviews and tech articles for four-stroke enthusiasts
    The Thumper Page
    The official Paris-Dakar rally site
    Bikez - Motorcycle Encyclopedia
    Total Motorcycle
    Sportbike World
    Motorcycle Events
    Excelsior-Henderson Super X registry
    FJR1300.info - Yamaha FJR1300 enthusiast site
    Ride Off-Road - An off-road riding guide from the U.K.
    Motorcycle Memories - Historic motorcycle images
    Motorcycle Memories Literature - Old books, magazines, posters and more
    Real Classic - All about buying & selling, riding & restoring real classic motorcycles
    SoCal RPM - Southern California sportbike news & events
    MDA - Motorcycle Design Association
    Motorcycle & pinup model calendars
    How to Become a Motorcycle Roadracer
    Tufoil - "The World's Most Efficient Lubricant"
    LM Productions - Motorcycle video guides
    MIJ - Motorcycle Industry Jobs
    Tony Foale Designs - Motorcycle Handling and Chassis Design
    Speedzilla - Motorcycle message boards
    Trail Pilgrim - Motorcycle message board
    Motoress - Lifestyle Resource for Women Who Ride
    Live to Ride - Ride to DIE (WARNING! Graphic content)
    Kendon Trailers - Motorcycle trailers and lifts

  51. Seattle links

    Ride West BMW
    South Sound BMW
    I-90 Motorsports
    Eastside MotoSports
    Lake City Power Sports
    Eastside Harley
    Cycle Barn
    University Honda
    Destination Harley
    Aurora Suzuki
    Bob Lanphere's Renton Motorcycles
    South Sound Honda
    Ducati Seattle
    Downtown Harley-Davidson
    Everett Powersports
    Tacoma Motorsports
    Enumclaw Suzuki
    Moto International
    Ural Northwest

  52. Austin links

    Lone Star BMW/Triumph
    Austin Harley-Davidson/Buell
    Austin Sports Cycles - Victory, Royal Enfield, Husqvarna
    Victory of Austin - Victory, Royal Enfield
    Central Texas Harley-Davidson
    Woods Fun Center - Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha & Suzuki
    Georgetown Honda
    Central Texas Powersports - Yamaha, Suzuki & Kawasaki
    Mototek - Ducati & Aprilia
    Texas Powersports - Kawasaki
    TJ's Cycle - KTM & MZ
    Diamond Jim's - Ural
    Dollar Shop Plus
    Harris Vincent Gallery, Inc. - Herb Harris's Vincent and Brough Superior collection
    Full Circle Cycle - Motorcycle & bicycle suspension experts
    Whiteside Motors - Used motorcycles
    Ragin Cajun Motors - Used motorcycles
    T.R.I.C. - Total Rider Improvement Courses
    Airhead Salvage - BMW parts, salvage & sales
    Lone Star Track Days
    Trackleather.com - Rental gear for track days
    Two Wheeled Texans
    Moto Fun - Motorcycle training
    University Sport Bike Club
    RideSmart - Track days and classes
    Bike Doctor - Service and repair
    Austin Bike Night - Every Thursday at Antonio's Restaurant
    AMSA - Austin MotoSports Association - Off-road motorcycling
    Republic of Texas Biker Rally
    Southern Metal Choppers
    Texas Off-Road Network (TON)
    Texas World Speedway (College Station, Texas)
    Motorsport Ranch (Cresson, Texas)
    Central Motorcycle Roadracing Association
    CMRA - Central Motorcycle Roadracing Association message board
    ManorMoto - Motocross track (Manor, Texas)
    SugarDaddy's Chopper Shop
    Austin Motorcycle Riders Meetup Group
    Motorcycle Parts LTD - Parts and accessories for off-road bikes
    Austin Statesman classifieds